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Help from you

Maybe I was off course yesterday, forgive me as I desecrated my own
sanctuary. But this is how human we are, and we can never run away from
being imperfect beings.

There is a magic bond between us, and these words we write and sing. An
idea where two people's hearts becomes one. Let alone whomever it may be.

I couldn't escape conflict, after one ends another begun and I tend to
enjoy the bitter bits of an ending relationship. Some part of me isn't that
good, but we want to always be honest with ourselves.

Tired as we may be now, I wanted to ask a favour from you. Just perhaps,
would you pray for my happiness to come.. and if that did not happen, I
only wish for silent and happy life onwards. I wonder if our creator
listens to my wishes, I kinda hope he gives my younger brother a brighter
future, and live far away from me and my family.

I know his character is terrible to some extent, but I do believe he is a
good person inside. Since being together only makes things worst, hopefully
he is seperated from us living in a far better lifestyle than he is now,
far away from us.. in his own freedom, house and also finds his love life
and so forth.

I hope you can help me on this.. onnechan.

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