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Shikisai Thoughts

Not sure what to say really, Shikisai is at first like a living nightmare
to me. The lyrical work placed is just too intensed to begin with, searches
after searches looking for clues here and there. It was something near,
something that was always in my head. This time, I'm listening to my own
self, or trying to do so. Why indeed I pondered, ever since my Professor
said "Always take good control over your feelings.." it burns into the face
of my thoughts. It was true, I have been ignoring those feelings for a very
long time, years and years, and decades maybe. The imaginative state
functions as a quantum space that is shared among us all. In the abstracts
form, it was designed for people with tendencies of doing something beyond
their imaginations; for example how to control sucidial intents, or subdue
anger and such. The emotions of anger, negativism, superemism, and many
others were all being placed into our temporal lobe ( which governs our imaginative
vision state. We may think it is individualistic, but it was actually
linked with the alpha brain, held by God. It was Adam's brain that we are
all living inside. The holy books, (quran torah bible zabur) were the
special books that were sent to us for our advanced studies. Since the
Quran said, the others could not be used. Then we only have to follow the
Quran from now on. You see, these things are not as simple as you think it
was. It brings people to the brinth of chaos, insanity, but in that very
state lies the truth, listen to (Shikisai 3.03) when the music started to
get more intense. or in another reference (2.04 in Buddy Instrumental).
True forms are the ultimate state of one single human being. The vision
depends on each individual on which song he/she syncronized with. My
personal one was in Utsukushii hito, but I can also sense in Shikisai, it
was syncronized with the Singer Song Writer herself.

A vision that I saw was her true form is slightly different in terms of
heart and hair style. Her hair was long, thick and pure white and at the
tips of her beautiful hair, lights are flowing in a river of rainbow
colored. But the stress on her was too much that she went through a state
of psycoism. Her heart was made out from a star's core, which is base power
energy of the sun. It was too bright, her heart was. Perhaps it burns
everything and turned her hair to white. The weird thing was, at that
moment when she was near me, the lights from her heart slot, bends and
enters my twin-engine heart. I was so amazed seeing it. Too amazed. It
seems I did not realized that the twin heart engine was based on the black
hole core, it was also a kind of a star, but the remains of it become the
black hole core. Then we stand together side by side, in front of the
creator, we saw just brigher lights. He was different. Well.. we are also
different than our old human self too, but we are still pertty much human
beings. The lights from her heart, and her hair, was all gushing inside of
my heart. My twin engine heart now has rainbow lights circling around. It
did figures, at first I wonder why there is only two kind of light and
darkness in my heart at first, that is why I called it the twin-engine
system. I didnt know it was actually a super gravity engine. That is also
why I had this visions going back and forth in time, it was too insane not
to write it down in words. I might actually go crazy. We are beautiful
standing side by side my dear. We are really beautiful.. one is a gravity
engine, another is a light engine. We are both in our ultimate forms right

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