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Wandering birds

Seems I'm back here can only means one thing. Im depressed.

Well its kind of amazing how endless writing can help me cope through the
hard times. Not worriying if I had not much ideas to say, or fear if it was
not interesting, sometimes words are needed to be vent out in proper

What is good or bad depends on the reader. Sometimes we never knew whom
reads our work. But I was hoping more feedbacks, ain't going to happen as I
was the least popular person on this planet.

We can grow out of our shoes, anytime.. but wondered why we are needed here
in the first place. Sometimes there is no answer in our questions. Maybe
even more questions that creates even more smaller questions.

The question that needs to be answered is, "what you truly want to do in
your life?" remember that Allah is the one that gives the final decision of
whether it will be success or not. And at the same time, the time given to
you in terms of lifespan is not that long.

I have no fucking answer. If you ask me, honestly.

Maybe I have entered the sufism state of whether the student is going to
stay as a student or strive to be a master sufi. Its confusing, and at the
same time challenging to go through alone.

As the wandering birds go, how in the hell did they know exactly where to
go in the first place? That is the question, I asked my human self.

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