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Warm Sunday Afternoon

Munching through my oat crunch, pondering of what life changes that might
come for this year. Basically nothing changes is what's happening.

It was an unexpected event, thinking that we can change in a short period
of time. We are wrong. Let the music world does change for us. But I felt
what truely was going on is that our inability to adapt to these idle times.

Plainly put, there will be an age where both your music and my writings
die, withered into the emptiness of the Internet. And that time is probably
happening now.

Say your goodbyes and whatever, but do not cut corners on the fans. It
might be they are also feeling the same thing now within their lives. Its
not easy, bad world economy, love is also fading in human thoughts as we

Most of the visions I had now are saying that not many people are willing
to see, what we have saw. Even if it were the truth, the more you say about
it, the more regrets you will get in return. Its a sad world really, even
when people started to explore their imaginations, they still unable to
leave their worldly life behind them. Attachment to this world is like a
virus, which Emma Clarke said that as a Muslim, if they were attached to
this world, they have already lost the true meaning of being a Muslim in
the first place.

What are this relation to anything we do is that we are trying to make
others understand that this earth is just their temporary home. But even
the people of the books, are sometimes clouded by this meanings. More clues
were actually been given that, the moment we lost our attachment to this
world, that was the moment when the human being was at a Muslim state. This
applies to all human beings that are still alive in their heart.

Makes me ponder too, are you willing to leave your iphone behind? but the
question still stands, you are born with nothing, and will die with just a
name that is soon to be forgotten.

I guess, nothing was ever enough. No matter how hard we tried. I still feel
that I have not done enough in this life. Still frustrated like how you are
also feeling now.

People's trust are also as fragile as a poochi chocolate stick. Today they
are your fans, tomorrow? losing fans and interest are the first step
towards a silent life of solace. It rememebers us of the time of the Easy
Listening album. but it is not what we did was wrong or anything. It is
just how this world works. People grow older, get married and have children
and leave behind their old lives.

The cycles of life. The never-ending cycle of life. Maybe you and I were
born in different years, but probably we die at the same time, is what I

Been preparing myself for death now. Thinking what to do alone in the
grave. I made some wish so that my mind wil be trapped in a Mosque so I can
meditate and cleanse my soul and memories from all the bad things I have
been doing my whole life. Even will try this now, since I had nothing
better to do.

The girl just didn't happen in my life. I guess its safer to just think
there isn't anybody waiting for me in this billions of people world. Cried
it out too, I guess that is what I can do about it now.

Maybe the dream about the Mei'li de ren wasn't a false dream. Its just that
a human being that was left behind by humanity, and then learned about the
truth of Allah and His majestic hidden worlds, made him into what he was
then, in the distant future. Perhaps the meditation he went through was a
preparation of what others neglect to see as an advantage in their lives.
Even to those whom claimed to be religious are not spared. This isn't
something a normal person decides. This decision can only be made when a
person lost all hope to blend into society, and placing all of his effort
to understand the creator better.

I wonder if you really know what you have said in that song? did you
realized it already?

That is a question you have to answer, and I will wait for your answer soon.

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