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Songs from last ten years

What has happened in the last decade, ten percent of it was the result of
what we archived today.

Miki Imai songs were majorly part of it, and I always believe it was Yuho's
writings that brought us together.

And her writings, still does affect us right?

Lots of her words are in me now.. believe it or not. Maybe our lives
history are pretty much the same, cause not everyday you can synchronize
with a song writer type.

Her dream was.. amazing. I could not find words for them. But I sense, she
felt lonely not able to share most of her dreams with everyone.

Then, we.. as her kids, started to wrote songs lol. It was super funny when
you think about the actual results. The lyrical map, I think mine is far
more complete than yours. But then, the memory shards were just too random

But that is the fact of what it is today. Our bonds to the creator was too
much, too intense for anyone to bear.. those songs we held dear, was solid
proof of our resolve.

You were already a muslim in your heart, the actual true one. Learned it by
searching the actual truth. Connecting the dots.. the paths, will lead back
to one. The very same conclusion.

No one can take that away from you. Keep it well and shape it into our own

Being middle age.. I never imagined growing up, 30 years old.. and the
syntoms that you had four years ago, I will also experience it too.
Everything has it time, even for love to bloom.

Maybe our adult selves are more careful and creative in our writings right?
more honest, more direct, deep..

Just that my mood now, is much more stabil if compared to the past. Yuunagi
no jidai. It was a promising project. I personally loved it, more than I
loved my own core projects. But approaching Marrianne at this time now,
will totally erase my evil side.

She was the perfect character.. based on Mary, and sometimes I think it was
her too. But let that be to our imaginations.. from what I know, she has
been around for ages.

Side characters. But I'm giving them the spotlight, on why they were
choosen over humanity.

Most probably the family of Imran that Allah taala were refferring to,
wasn't a blood related family. It was more than that. People that are
linked to each other, in there hearts exists trust and love that we all
had. Side characters in a bigger story that we can ever imagined.

It was our love that bridges us all. Regardless of our differences at
first, that we held in us is the knowledge of the ages. A real family, of
the Mei'li de ren.

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