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A dream with M

She was fast asleep when I wanted to take her instagram photo, sitting by
the side of a fountain with other tourist near her. She looks like any
normal girl when she was off stage, so I piggyback and carried her back to
my parents house.


It all started when there was a concert, and I have bought a ticket but in
my line of five, where I sat in the middle (like in the movies) I was
sitting all alone. Other lines are full, though I wonder why really. It was
just number four from the front, two rows from left and right and I was
from the right.

Even during the concert she went near me and said I have the 'vip' seating,
I'd just giggled. And there were also other preformances like ppl that put
led lights on them and did some mid air stunt.

When all that was over, guess everyone went back and left the two of us and
some of her staffs cleaning up in the background. I asked her a series if
questions, the first was "How's the big guy? (referring to her husband)"
and she said he was fine. and we talked about my blog and other things
about music lyrics.
Then we played an old computer nearby which is using an odd email based
chat engine. We ask more private questions, but her last message was hidden
away from me cause the application frozed. It was a longer message that she
wished to say something important to me, but somehow it did not went
through. "Todokanai na.." I said to her

Then we switched to our normal whatsapp. soon later we arrived at my
fathers villa and we had a talk about our families. Most this part of the
dream has been blurred out. But I could remember saying that mum and dad
has seperate big houses. but up to us to live in which buildings.



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