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Time and Space

It shouldn't be in an era where everything has been so advanced, yet it
could not happen in the time when everything is too obscure from
technologies. Somewhere around in the middle, around this time of age is
the perfect time to create something on how he would say, the best of his
created creature. When all of the olden civilizations starts to collapse,
only leaving greed in its place.

I tried to understand how simply put it was, it seems conflict in the
middle east or in any place of this earth begins when mankind placed their
greed into power. It was all in the abstracts that mankind forgets that the
devils were since long ago, plotting against mankind. We did notice it,
over and over, until we did not have any power to control over it. Even our
choices were deluded into the palms of the devil.

The absolute power to fully control one's own decisions is a secret to
himself. We have body motor sensors that works, regardless if we even
planned to do so. Like breathing, sleeping, waking up. This works like a
script, which the creator has installed into us. What bothers most of us is
how to actually control our self from doing things that we would regret
later. Its a real mystery, even if you have studied religious things on
your own, you could not actually say that you have find the final answer.

There was no absolute answer to that question.

Yet we would be judge according to the decisions, that each of us makes.
Not to the decisions that we did not control in the first place, such as
the breathing part. Things like making a right or left move, or listening
to our aqal/thought process, thinking that others were wrong/idiots and
only you yourself is correct is what makes most human, human. Predictable
creatures if we placed them into larger scripts, larger codes.. That human
beings that does not use their actual intelligence, will only be seen and
understood as a piece of script. That easily can be burned by fire, or fly
when the wind blows them, disappearing without any actual thought process.

What makes a human, is that particular ability to make an actual decision.
Especially, when crossing the lines in which the Creator has scripted for
you. The decision that you make, either makes you an ally or an enemy of
God. In a collective form, decisions can also alter the fabrics of time and
also the reality zone that you are in, changing the environment if it was
needed. The creator can see all those values, because he is able to do so.
We could not, creatures do not understand how the creator thinks, no matter
how smart the creature are.

Accumulative thought process, or the ability to influence others also is
described like a seed that grew roots in search for resources like water
and minerals, before it is capable of growing the first leaf, to get
resources from light. The creator gave all this information, in abstraction
for human beings to study, to learn, and to see what they did right or
wrong. If they could understand that, then it is good. If not, we are just
looping more scripts, and the codes just gets longer and longer.

Believe it or not, even working with monthly salary is like an infinite
loop if human beings were connected through life and death under a single
connected soul. It is stupid. More people have realized this, and started
to do what they seem is best for their life. Which is to leave something
for this world. Is that what the creator wanted? Not really, I do not think
so.. Because, the creator's thoughts will never, under any circumstances be
the same with the created creature's thought process.

It's amazing really. Even if you stood on the highest point on the world,
you could never still know how the creator's thought process, or whatever
it may actually be. He is different, that is why he is God.

And said so, if we excluded the already dead, there is at least 7 billion
thought process at a single moment. That is how much, and probably still
growing the power that Allah have. From my understanding, everything He
does is for a statistical reason. We are like his notebook or something.
Its in-comparison of what other might think we are this and that, but we
are just statistical data.

That is why, when you pray to the creator. Make sure you are serious and
fully awake. Meaning, that you understand will all your current
capabilities to whom you are praying to. Do not even miss a single thing,
carefully think logically with proper reasoning.

Because in the end, you still could not understand Him. Just give up on
that thought process

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