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A Story that is about to End

It's almost a year we known each other, and have only once and I started to feel we are reaching the end with each other. Why could I not be the normal friends, well because I am special and not the usual one. You will say something, but if I seen it wrongly, I will say directly that is wrong at the same moment if we fight and have misdirection of heart, that is our own problem. I see it like this, we decide weather to stay or leave. At times as I have seen, I was being cruel towards others and myself, but I guess it is better that way. Why must you show kindness but in the end you are just playing a one sided show? the worthless ones must be cut down, like grasses it needs to be cleaned. Fragile isn't it what a friendship means, even so if you can see through my words and believed in me, then you will have a friend that will travel with you in the hereafter. Because I am that sort of friend to the very ends, and I am not the weak ones which is just worldly.

There is still a side in me, but I wonder when someone can open it up. Hidden in the dark, not known to anyone. It is more valuable than anything. Both our experience and knowledge must be equal first. Then we can see a different tomorrow together.

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