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The Answer to Life

After observing and considering everything, in the end I've come out with an answer. It has something to do with our perception being different altogether, but as one understanding as a whole.

Knowledge of the Truth is already given by Islam, through the revelations from the Prophet Muhammad. Hence we need to follow through it, like holding onto a rope when we are out in the sea, where the water is cold, unpredictable, and the waves are strong. Islam is pictured as the boat, where our Prophet is giving out the ropes. If we let go, we will definitely drown ourself.

Once that is done, we need to decide on which path, weather to be a Musician, Scientist, Technologist, Engineer so forth. My only father died as an Engineer, but his life was taken so roughly that it made me ponder what did he did wrong. In an accident, it is because he was rushing back home. Islam have taught us to be calm in most situations, the rush is only claimed by the devil so that we would lose our guard and do not use our brains to think or decide. Hence that is why we need to be very careful when we grow older. Things gets critical.

Poor? Allah have always open the doors of heavens for the poor, among them whom lived piously and remembered whom the real true creator is, lived in the life of thankfulness for getting everything, even if it is not that perfect from the eyes of a rich person.

My answer to life is that, I have to continue my search in understanding of Islam through technology, and spread it for free. When I have died, I will reborn as a technologist, that lived for the soul purpose to serve as Allah's servant. A life that does not need much money, as I would need to keep a saving for myself and my family. The use of technology to connect people, for them to find an understanding with each other. Giving back everything I gained (money) back to Allah taala, in methods in which he is pleased with.

A true saint and technologist, I would love to see my self at the very ends in that final form. A technologist is an advanced form of an inventor, from the very basic of a human being. That made something through innovation, and named those things when it is completed.

Indeed, one day I will come to understand that grin I had in my face.

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