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When you are not capable

I've been thinking, that when everything is over, and there was a single chance to save only one person, whom will I choose? I definitely would not choose any one from my ex's, and not even my own mother, but I am now thinking on weather my own wife or you. In that place is where I can see your memories, if I were to save you, but I know everything about you, and you know nothing about me. I wondered why, I still keep these feelings towards you.

Perhaps aunt have poisoned my thoughts over time, but I really love the idea of heaven together. Even without realizing it, I wonder if this is true love, in which other could never see the difference between the other loves. Perhaps in that dream when I lend out my hand towards a girl, sitting down on her own, it was probably you. I believe in your heart, you were thinking the same way about me, honestly believing that I will save you in the very end. I would not lend out my hand towards a traitor, or someone whom would have broke my heart.

Only to someone whom honestly wants to be with me, and would not harm my pride and reputation. I trust that person, and that person is the one I will save, one whom have been waiting all of her life just to be saved by me, her dear husband.

Or was it.. that you are born and died in a different time.. that all this while, that phantom whom is living near me is you. I'm sorry, I didn't realize it until now. I wonder now, what is the purpose of my life?

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