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The stupid Nut and the Donkey

I've been observing as of late, of these two types of human beings whom are like a Nut and Donkey. Each perceived to think they can attract more attention, but lacks a single component in which they can never get from me, which is my pride.

People are not what you seems to see, because under a nickname they will show to you of their true colors, when not known to the real world of whom they really is. I wonder what did they fear in life? is it because everything is going as planned, and I do not want him/her get in the way. It is always the same thing over and over again with these sort of human beings. They think they can gain something more, but in fact are losing everything even without realizing it.

I'm a natural negative thinker, which is I was born like this. Not that I think like that, but I used to study them rather than myself. On why they believed such, and so fourth. Perhaps they have met with a limitation, that they fear of losing trust or even popularity. It is always the same cycle over and over again with this sort of human being. They are binded by their own death clock, who fear death will just come any second through the front door.

Hypocrites exists everywhere, as they also exists in every single level in a society. The true darkness of a society, when he/she tries to say something, each word is a lie, and that everything they say is a planned lie.

I am their natural enemy, of course. As my only wish is their downfall.

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