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Me, a Developer

Now to think I had to face a reality, this was my actual form of life. I had enough time sulking to myself for a few months already, just after finishing school. It was good, for bachelors that is.

I may want to start doing soul searching with an electric guitar soon, or even a bass one, see which one is better.

Visual Studio Team System 2008, Team Suite - I wonder why even Developer software have to be bought, even Java made Netbeans and even another one called Eclipse, but they distributed it for free.

Developers making other developers lives easier, but I wonder if that needed is really needed? I learned well that in a real-time system modeling that, it can handle as much damage as any system could, just by thinking differently. More often, why create something so bulky and in the end it would just suck up in terms of security and all that?

Little and efficient, even put up some boxes of virus for our dear hacker friends to discover. Hm, I probably will seriously get a job by end of this year, haha.. did not want to send in my resume yet, still want to discover life on my own. The key is 'Akidah' + 'Akhlak' will take you further in the future with no worries. You can never ask someone whom is not a Muslim about it, because they would just state the theory, but could never understand the true meanings behind them.

Hey, they even ignored that the fact that ADAM spoke in basic Arabic.. what other truths did they ignored anyway, but it seems that is how the world works now. Origin of Arabic is not from a human base, that is the language in which our creator has firstly made. A perfect system of words and numbers. It was never human made, we just made mathematics, the so called 'interface' to understand logic. English letters, also to make language simpler, to talk with each other. If I was born in Arabs lands, then I would speak their language.

The original Arabic words, if I could pin point correctly, the basic is based on Quran. It was far completed even before man was being made. Then been sent down little by little through revelations.

"In which of these facts, do you wish to falsify?" - Quoted from the Quran, by Allah.

Give it up human beings! XD haha, let's just accept the truth, embrace the religion and get along with our lives

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