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Ground Rules

Good morning

I happen to casually read my Project Management ebook this morning, it is quite a particular subject about managing resources and people. In light of event, I had to do some work with minimal resources, and still have some doubts on which the client perhaps would not pay me for the work that I have done. I wonder how serious they are in hiring me. Let alone this relationships is strictly business, in which I hope Allah would let me complete it with a smiling heart in the end.

I did not have much luck in my relationship life, often old readers, whom are rather silent now, observe and understood what I meant by 'unlucky' when it comes me and relationships. I often met with rubbish types of personalities, in which are not strong to begin with. Perhaps I was fishing in the wrong ponds, but yeah, there are many rotten fishes that ate my bait.

I have discarded my materialistically views totally, which means I do not care about either her looks, fat, or even family richness. As a critical effects, I often look back on how serious she was in her Religion, let alone if she is a Muslimah, or one whom is yet still to return back to be a Muslimah. Second rule is that, she has to cope up with trust issues, and loyalty.. often many girls failed with this feature. A property of a good girl with good personality, is a person whom can be totally entrusted with my real smile and of course my love

As I was reading this particular surah from the Holy Quran, there was this part when they described a certain race with the certain property in which they bring into light. In my perception, as I interpret was that, these words of advice were not only directed towards that particular race, but to everyone else as a good example. It gave me a thought on roughly that in picking a good girl, I also needs to observe her family and also race.

Often a person's individuality depends on the person's race. It has sub cultures, and thoughts and how differently they do certain things. A good race however, are the best among those whom give a good hospitality even when they are at of needs, the best examples are people from Madinah, whom Allah have stated, as a race whom welcomes those others whom visited their place with an open arms, even when they are poor at that particular time. Somehow I believed, my wife originates from that particular side of the world. She does not need to be that smart either, just that her strong background in religion, as well as values and cherish her original cultures are what important to me.

It also helps me understand where our future children would be growing up with. With such loving mother, I would always be happy with her until my time is up, here in this world. I have to however shift my thoughts to the Middle Eastern cultures to seek more towards on what I was really looking for.

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