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Ninja Convocation

This sucks, my family members doesn't want to head along to my only convocation which is going to be held on Wednesday, 6th of October 2010, PICC Putrajaya, Malaysia.

I didn't feel of wanting to get on the stage, because all of my family members were not there, working or had another event to go. There were a few important invitations from my friends, so I guess I'll come as a guest along with my Olympus E450 camera, pretty rare people would use an Olympus, but it is easier to find me when I'm using one right? I had a dream the other day, that my true love will come on this very important day, as she is of my future family member.

I remembered early in 2007, when I've started with the Degree in Software Engineering, in MIIT UniKL, I hurt my leg in an accident, then had to walk very funnily for a few weeks earlier that year, even had to skip one important meeting with my friends. I remembered all the funny people in the hospital looking back at me. It was partly my Dad's idea from the start, but now he is not around anymore

Sometimes when we, the son tried our best, I wonder if my dad is really okay with it? It's a milestone, yet I just couldn't move forward. I've learned how to manage wealth in a crucial time, my family economics are far worst then situated but it is being controlled well. Had to remind my mum that we had to be skeptical about our savings and control our utility bills.

Anyway, that is not the reason behind this post. I really wanted her to come on that day. I could not understand why I could not smile in the mornings, and sometimes cried all alone. It has been the same loops of sorrow for almost 15 years already.

I trust you, and I've decided that person to be you. Nothing can change that, you now hold my happiness. It is up to you to give it back to me or take it away from me. I will be waiting for you there.

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