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Project Meilideren

I've come out with this thought, right after I had that dream, of when an Aspara comes into my reality for a moment in the middle of the night, icy cold feelings towards her, yet it was specially calm for some reason. A real princess, not known to human eyes.

The project will be a total overhaul in my life values and system, it will fight off the system in which the Jews were so proud about. Hence this system will re-create the soul purpose of the true understanding on why Islam comes into this world as a priceless gift to humanity as a whole.

Some reasons arising in my mind now, philosophically understanding that we have not enough time, or even our satisfaction needs are indeed reaching a useless level, we could not control our natural beings.

The only way that is possible to gain true understanding, is to hold both knowledge of the truth in one hand, as well as physical strength on another hand. In theory, only this two will suppress in the hereafter, above other things we have done.

1. The holy body that we were given to take care, that was made from Earth and Water

2. The mind that we swore in front of the creator, to accept ourself as servants of Allah taala.

In fact, when one who gives up the world, and set afoot on a journey to find himself, the only way is this very journey.

In the end, you will have a crunched body figure, as there would not be any fat on your body, as each muscle is used up in every inch of it. Hence the purpose that we have gain such strength are for, are only to become true servants of Allah. It is hard, and not easy.

The mind must always remember the true Creator, the One God, the ever observing creator that communicates through ingenious signs and act of God, in which only the ones with eyes would accept, and those whom are blinded can not see. The heart must change, to become a beautiful person, but the body must also follow.

The project 'Beautiful Person' is only a step ahead to reach 'Ano hito's' levels, one which Allah would accept as one person whom exceeds the norm expectations.

Personalities up to the extremes, and only those whom have done only good. Logical people, that has no limitations on their understanding of the Universe.

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