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Yuho Iwasato - Maaya Sakamoto - Yoko Kanno (Jpop fan)


Sometimes, not always.. I've taken time to understand this song, but halfway.. my emotions just taken over, I did not understand why my separation with her had to happen. It is like losing the most important friend in which you had, you could not have possibly understood it until you have it and lose it all over. It stretch my heart, until I cried. The tears of hope, wishes, promises that we have made.

Why I wondered, that her song is so similar to my life. Why do I feel that the way I understood her songs, are not like how others feel nor understood. As for the last time I saw her, was seeing her back in the Airport, senaka.. but this time she does not look back.

These are like shards of painful feelings in which I still kept in my heart. It helps me remember how much I hate people whom could not keep a promise. It also helps me to be a person whom able to keep a promise.

My father also soon pass away, at that moment before he goes, I was falling in love with this song, and I also discovered something. I knew, these were my words, it was a clue. Over and over again, until I could not have ignored it anymore.

What lies for me in the future? I only wished for solace and a peaceful ending, enough of these feelings that I kept closely in my heart, that those creatures have placed in me. Allah have been strict on me as of late, I wondered maybe he does not want me to get married to the wrong girl, because he always tested them with intense feelings. I feel sorry for them. All gave up in a premature ending. They are very weak, both in love and heart.

This was my only bridge of hope, this song. I guess she was thinking of me personally, whenever she sings it. Perhaps we are born in different family and even different religions, backgrounds and such. I could not have ignored, that we have the same feelings on a single thing. That we loved this song equally as one.

If reality is not that harsh as it is now, a life shared is like something beautiful, love is freedom, only when we are with the right person. For some reason, I really want to meet you now..

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